Wood processing machines Use

About us

Costruzioni Meccaniche d.&d. S.a.s. society was created by Andrea D’Alesio at the end of the 80s after having reached great technical experience for more than 15 years in the greatest commercial firm in the field of woodworking machines, a firm that at the beginning was responsible for promoting tecnological and productive development of small and medium-size industries in the centre-south of Italy.

At the beginning of the 90s we have entered the secondhand market dealing with machines for exportation in particular towards the East European countries and North-Africa. In so doing we have contributed towards creating first transformation industries and encouraging joint-ventures with countries like Romania, Albania, Slovenia, Poland, Ukraine and Russia (and so tanks to the small investment needed to start these kind of activities).

In 2004 our firm a productive plant in Chieti Scalo Zona Industriale Salvaiezzi and we have increased our offer of secondhand woodworking machines above all traditional machines or first transformation machines so that nowadays the offer of secondhand machines at your disposal in our warehouse is of about 500/600 machines. We have expanded our market in particular towards foreign resellers thanks to our steady disposal of machines and the competitiveness of our prices.

All that about us leads to the fact that we have been defined the real discount of woodworking machines in the centre-south of Italy.

The service we offer to our foreign resellers permits the integration of secondhand traditional machines with secondhand special machines as a result of the partnership with leader firms in the field and, on the other hand, in order to guarantee the lowest price for charge and transport towards the destination countries.

In addition, if needed, we are able to offer a complete overhaul of the machines through specialised machine shops with the guarantee of original spare parts and skilled workers where it is also possible to obtain the CE standard if required.

In the light of what has been said, we are glad in inviting you to visit our warehouse in order to took over our woodworking machines and make you realize what we have tried to describe here for you in few words.

Thanks to the collaboration of Miss Lilia M. D’Alesio, who will help you in translating and interpreting in English and French, and to the collaboration of Miss Giulia M. D’Alesio, concerning Spanish, we are ready to give you information and description, of the machines’ technical characteristics and of our general sale conditions.